National HS Basketball Club

Welcome to TeamG
Our mission is based on the true development of our players. 
We hand choose 8-9 athletes that we truly feel will be a good representation of our philosophy. Each player is selected because they consistently work hard, trust the process, and stay humble in a world full of “highlights” and clout chasing.
TeamG’s mission is to bring back the basics of player development, and embody belief that that the best players in LA are NOT limited to the “big name” high schools or AAU teams with an “NBA name”  attached to them.  
TeamG’s sole purpose is to develop every single player into being the best possible version of themselves, and for each player to feel empowered enough to take on the world. 
We Give Silent Killers the attention they DESERVE.

15u, 16u, and 17u teams available. Feel free to inquire if you’re interested in learning more about TeamG.

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